Tip: Disposable Vinyl Labels

Tips - John

Did you know that our candle labels are made of vinyl instead of your typical paper material?

That leads to the big question of the day, “Why do you use vinyl labels instead of paper labels Shining Sol?” The answer points back to one of the founding principles in which Shining Sol Candle Company was established, be good to the planet. Just like we choose to use soy wax vs. the typical (and nasty) paraffin wax that you find in most candles, we choose to use vinyl labels so that it is easier for you to be eco-friendly. “How?” you might ask? When you are done burning your candle, if you wish, you may easily peel off the label and repurpose the candle jar in various ways instead of throwing it out in the trash.

We’ll let our friend John demonstrate a few examples, thanks John!

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