Psychedelic Waltz



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Like it’s brethren Spirit of Garcia from the Earthy Collection – Psychedelic Waltz is a sweeter version of patchouli. While some may not care for the classic patchouli we call Spirit of Garcia, Psychedelic Waltz fills the gap on the other end of earthy. Much sweeter and a lot more smooth, this is easier to enjoy for a lot of candle fans. It’s euphoric and you just can’t help be happy when burning this beautiful dark violet candle!

Candle Information:
100% All Natural Soy Wax (burns clean).

Wood Wicks (crackles when it burns).
All components are Made in the U.S.A.

Burn Times (approx.):
Large Candle (18 fl. oz.): 70-90 hours
Medium Candle (9 fl. oz.): 50-60 hours
Black Matte Candle (12 fl. oz.) 60-65 hours
Ceramic Tumblers (11 fl. oz.) 55-60 hours
Tumbler Candle (8.5 fl. oz.): 45-55 hours
Large Tin (6.25 fl. oz.): 30-35 hours


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