Lemon Ginger Spice (Teal Matte)


Lemon Ginger Spice is an elevated scent that has the expected lemon and ginger notes in addition to orange, sugar and all spice. Everyone generally has their own scent preferences when it comes to candles, even here at Shining Sol headquarters. It’s hard to have a unanimous “Yes!” when it comes to any individual scent. Well, that day has come and we have a unanimous ‘thumbs up’ to Lemon Ginger Spice here are Shining Sol. We hope you love it as much as all of us do!

Our Teal Matte jars feature a clean and contemporary look and are accented with a subtle white Shining Sol sun emblem.

Candle Information:
100% soy wax (burns clean).

Wood wicks (crackles when it burns).
All components are Made in the U.S.A.

Burn Times (approx.):
Large Candle (18 fl. oz.): 70-90 hours
Medium Candle (9 fl. oz.): 50-60 hours
Matte Candle (12 fl. oz.) 60-65 hours
Ceramic Tumblers (11 fl. oz.) 55-60 hours
Tumbler Candle (8.5 fl. oz.): 45-55 hours
Travel Tin (6.25 fl. oz.): 30-35 hours
Decorative Tin (7.25 fl. oz.): 35-40 hours

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in


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