Leather (Black Matte)


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A leather fragrance can mean many things to many people. Maybe it’s the experience and memories of walking through Wilson’s leather store, or maybe it’s prepping the horse saddle for a day on the trails. Whatever memory it triggers (or maybe you just like the aroma?!), leather is all around us in our every day lives.

Our Black Matte jars feature a clean and contemporary look and are accented with a subtle gold Shining Sol sun emblem.

Candle Information:
100% soy wax (burns clean).

Wood wicks (crackles when it burns).
All components are Made in the U.S.A.

Burn Times (approx.):
Large Candle (18 fl. oz.): 70-90 hours
Medium Candle (9 fl. oz.): 50-60 hours
Matte Candle (12 fl. oz.) 60-65 hours
Ceramic Tumblers (11 fl. oz.) 55-60 hours
Tumbler Candle (8.5 fl. oz.): 45-55 hours
Travel Tin (6.25 fl. oz.): 30-35 hours
Decorative Tin (7.25 fl. oz.): 35-40 hours


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