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Gaia – she is the goddess of the earth and often referred to as Mother Earth. She was one of the primordial elemental deities born at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the great mother of all creation as Greek Mythology would have it known.

How best to represent the mother of all creation than with the mother of all aromas? We took the best aspects of one of our best selling candles (Dragon’s Lair) and slightly refined it; citrus, pear, florals, sugared fruit, a hint of lemon and lime and a secret splash of – well it’s a secret 🙂 It truly is a scent right out of the heavens and worthy of its own mythology!

Candle Information:
100% soy wax (burns clean).

Wood wicks (crackles when it burns).
All components are Made in the U.S.A.

Burn Times (approx.):
Large Candle (18 fl. oz.): 70-90 hours
Medium Candle (9 fl. oz.): 50-60 hours
Matte Candle (12 fl. oz.) 60-65 hours
Ceramic Tumblers (11 fl. oz.) 55-60 hours
Tumbler Candle (8.5 fl. oz.): 45-55 hours
Travel Tin (6.25 fl. oz.): 30-35 hours
Decorative Tin (7.25 fl. oz.): 35-40 hours


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