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Embrace your fun side with this butterfly and flower themed black matte touch wax warmer.


Celestial is a whimsical and enchanting touch warmer with an array of stars, suns and moons.


Bright lights, big city - and amazing aromas! Enjoy this Cityscape touch warmer and bring the big city into any room.


Brighten up any room with this Asian inspired hummingbird and flower design touch wax warmer.


Replacement bulb for Shining Sol's touch warmers. 2 bulb set.


Replacement glass dish for Shining Sol's touch warmers.


Rainbows, glitter and unicorns - oh my! What better way to enjoy our Unicorn Tale wax melts than with this unicorn touch wax warmer? Our unicorn wax warmer features two separate unicorn designs – one on each side!


Leafless trees, birds soaring through the sky, small whisks in the air and deer frolicking through the Winter Woods.