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Winter Blowout

Toasted Pumpkin Crunch

$6.00 $3.00

Toasted Pumpkin Crunch is consistently one of our seasonal best sellers! The amazing aroma of pumpkin, but not as you expect. It has a sweet and sugary overtone alongside a hint of cinnamon.


Lemon, orange and verbena with a slight hint of musk - not like you'd expect - it's amazing!


Our Shining Sol Tumbler candles are 8.5oz. all natural soy wax in an elegant glass tumbler with all white wax and a sleek low profile wood lid.

Artisan Collection

Turtle Bay


Part coconut, part lime - this will remind you of being on a tropical vacation.

Artisan Collection

Unicorn Tale


Each Unicorn Tale candle has it’s own unique blend of purple, green and teal swirls/layers.

Classic Scents



It doesn't get any more classic than this with it's sweet and slightly creamy aroma.


Core Candle Collection

Wine Candle Bundle


We're offering a two candle bundle of a burgundy wax colored Cabernet Sauvignon and a white wax White Zinfandel.