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Artisan Collection

Dragon’s Lair


Dragons - they're majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck.

Core Candle Collection

Red Velvet Cheesecake


It's delectable, it's sultry, and it smells so realistic you'll swear someone in the room is hiding the Red Velvet Cheesecake from you.


Floral Collection

Rose Garden


The rose is synonymous with so many things - love, admiration, friendship, remembrance - the list goes on.


Southern Summer Picnic celebrates summer time with the sweet recognizable aroma of refreshing watermelon.


Officially licensed Warrant "Cherry Pie" tin - Collector's Edition. The familiar and rockin' scent of - you guessed it, Cherry Pie!


Core Candle Collection

Wine Candle Bundle


We're offering a two candle bundle of a burgundy wax colored Cabernet Sauvignon and a white wax White Zinfandel.