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Artisan Collection

Dragon’s Lair


Dragons - they're majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck.

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Poison Apple


This is one apple that we guarantee will not send you into a Sleeping Death (like the Evil Queen tried on Snow White)! Succulent candied apple with a hint of caramel once the wick is lit!


40% of the proceeds from this candle go to support the Potomac Patriots 16U Red Hockey Team program! This is a custom limited edition candle made just for the Potomac Patriots 16U Red Hockey Team! It features red team colored wax along with Shining Sol’s best selling Shenandoah scent (apple, cinnamon, woodiness – apple orchard). [...]

Floral Collection

Rose Garden


The rose is synonymous with so many things - love, admiration, friendship, remembrance - the list goes on.


Southern Summer Picnic celebrates summer time with the sweet recognizable aroma of refreshing watermelon.

Fall Collection

Sweet Leaves


Imagine yourself deep in the woods, walking along a leaf strewn path. The recent rain still lingers on the ground and brings out the amazing aroma of Sweet Leaves. Fall has arrived!


Officially licensed Warrant "Cherry Pie" tin - Collector's Edition. The familiar and rockin' scent of - you guessed it, Cherry Pie!