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White Wax Candles

Mason Jar Candle


Everyone knows the "Mason Jar". It has that warm and fuzzily familiar look and feel and reminds you of simpler times...relaxing times.

Artisan Collection

Mermaid Cove


Enjoy the soothing aroma of crisp sea salt and exotic orchid all the while experiencing a new level of tranquility and relaxation with the amazing Mermaid Cove candle from Shining Sol.


Escape to a wondrous and captivating tropical getaway…a place where imagination runs wild and time stands still.

Artisan Collection

Sun, Sand & Sea


Sun, Sand & Sea is all I ever need...


Our Shining Sol Tumbler candles are 8.5oz. all natural soy wax in an elegant glass tumbler with all white wax and a sleek low profile wood lid.