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Core Candle Collection

All Jacked Up


Do you love Mountain Dew? We think we've made the perfect Mountain Dew inspired candle scent - carbonation included! You won't believe your - nose.

Artisan Collection

Dragon’s Lair


Dragons - they're majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck.


Dragons – they’re majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck.

Core Candle Collection



How best to represent the mother of all creation than with the mother of all aromas?


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Lemons & Lemonade


When Life Gives You Lemons Then Make Lemonade. This is the first candle in our all new SCENTimentals line of candles. It features our very fragrant and sweet lemon scent, happy, happy!

Core Candle Collection



Limonata is an amazing, yet not too overpowering, scent of fresh lemon.


We’re excited to launch this early release (online only!) of our new seaglass collection! We feature three carefully selected oceanic scents (Bay Breeze, Sea Salt & Agave, High Tide) and pair them with our new teal, seafoam and blue seaglass vessel. Each candle comes with its own white rounded container. We’re bundling these 3 together [...]