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You'll be transported to a Summer field of waving purple flowers and light breezes of fragrant lavender blooms.

Core Candle Collection

Lavender Vanilla


Relax to the soothing combination of vanilla and lavender.

Floral Collection



Some view Lilac as a symbol of love, others as a sign that Spring has arrived. There’s no denying that this timeless and classic scent invokes happiness and a sense of warmth with it’s strong floral notes.


White Wax Candles

Mason Jar Candle

$20.00 $18.00

Everyone knows the "Mason Jar". It has that warm and fuzzily familiar look and feel and reminds you of simpler times...relaxing times.

Legacy Collection



As you close your eyes you find yourself relaxing to a clean and floral aroma while basking in a Moonbeam.


Liven up any room in the house with this lovely rose inspired touch wax warmer.

Artisan Collection

Sun, Sand & Sea


Sun, Sand & Sea is all I ever need...


Lemon, orange and verbena with a slight hint of musk - not like you'd expect - it's amazing!


Our Shining Sol Tumbler candles are 8.5oz. all natural soy wax in an elegant glass tumbler with all white wax and a sleek low profile wood lid.