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Core Candle Collection

Battlefield Meadows


With Battlefield Meadows we aimed to capture the beautiful and refreshing open outdoors - fresh grass.

Matte Collection

Black Matte


Introducing the all new Modern Black Matte jar candles from Shining Sol - and we can't tell you enough how much we LOVE these jars!

Coastal Collection

Carolina Dunes


A combination of oceanic scents and local Carolina plant life. In addition, Carolina Dunes adds a touch more floral rather than botanical scent making it reminiscent of the untouched dunes found throughout the Outer Banks.

Artisan Collection

Coastal Nights


It's a warm evening on the coast. Stars are out, sky is clear, the ocean mist is in the air - ahhh, this is a classic Coastal Night.

Artisan Collection

Dragon’s Lair


Dragons - they're majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck.


Featured Products

Ever After


Ever After is an exotic mix of apricot, cypress, the mimosa flower and a hint of berries. Few can resist the enticing aroma and rest assured your significant other will thank you.

Core Candle Collection



How best to represent the mother of all creation than with the mother of all aromas?

Best Sellers

Honeysuckle Jasmine


The sweet smell of honeysuckle and relaxing vibe of jasmine!

Classic Scents



The calming and medicinal aspects of lavender can best be explained by the last family it belongs!