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Coastal Collection

Bonfire on the Beach


This truly unique scent is a combination of our own campfire blended perfectly with oceanic scents, creating the sensation of an evening with friends and family under the stars of the California coast.

Classic Scents



A timeless candle classic - it's red hot and kickin'!

Core Candle Collection

Prospero’s Bookstore


Imagine yourself wandering through an old bookstore searching for that long lost novel. You’ve been hunting it down for ages. You find yourself meandering… aisle after aisle… the scent of leather, musty book pages and aged paper envelopes you…

Core Candle Collection

Spirit of Garcia


By popular demand, and enduring the test of time, we present to you the Spirit of Garcia. This scent is affectionately referred to in-house as the “hippie-dippy” scent, also known as patchouli.