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Matte Collection

Black Matte


Introducing the all new Modern Black Matte jar candles from Shining Sol - and we can't tell you enough how much we LOVE these jars!

Core Candle Collection



A captivating cologne inspired aroma with masculine undertones. A bit of French lavender, hint of pine branches and Italian bergamot with earthy oakmoss and red cedar.


Matte Collection

Evick 2022 (Black Matte)


Grab your 2022 official Evick Black Matte candle right here! The fragrance is a unique combination of lime, strawberry, black cherry, eucalyptus, clove and vanilla bean. It’s very reminiscent of a fruity soda scent without the novelty aspect.


Lemon Ginger Spice is an elevated scent that has the expected lemon and ginger notes in addition to orange, sugar and all spice.

Artisan Collection

Them Bones


At Shining Sol we have mermaid fans, unicorns, dragons…we also have many people who love skulls (including one of the owners of Shining Sol!). Introducing – Them Bones. It chills you to the bone with it’s icy aroma followed by the sweet bite of candied apple. This is a truly unique aroma that is finished [...]


Misfits, Dings & Dents

Witches’ Brew


Cat’s hair, bat’s breath and tails of frog – let’s conjure the greatest Halloween candle of all! Don’t all witches strive to create the best candle ever?! Enjoy this unique and frightful concoction which differs with every candle! Every Witches’ Brew is a mix of random scents that creates a truly unique “brew”! This candle [...]