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Fall Candles

Autumn Chill


When it comes to the definition of "refreshing" there are few things in life that rival stepping outside on a crisp, cold Autumn evening.


"I created this candle exclusively for you with Shining Sol. The “Lost In Your Eyes” candle is a fresh, crisp blend of Apple and Clover, mixed with smooth and inviting Egyptian Amber. I hope you enjoy burning this candle as much as I enjoyed helping to create it!" - Warmly, Debbie

Core Candle Collection

Egyptian Amber


Egyptian Amber is one of our most exotic and refined scents. It's luxurious, mysterious, sensual and masculine all in one.

Fall Candles

Fall Breeze


With Fall comes that unique aroma and vibe that shoots through the air. It's crisp, it's rustic, it's aromatic - there's nothing like it with any other season of the year.


White Wax Candles

Mason Jar Candle

$20.00 $18.00

Everyone knows the "Mason Jar". It has that warm and fuzzily familiar look and feel and reminds you of simpler times...relaxing times.


Best Sellers

Pacific Breeze


With hints of rose, sea salt, honey and a good helping of fresh clean “air” – you will be amazed how easily this beach based scent can transform your room into a calming and tranquil getaway.


Earthy Collection

Peace and Love


Peace and Love man, groovy! Ah yes - a blast from the past and an aroma that brings to mind those "hippie" days - we're talking not about patchouli, but it's close cousin nag champa!

Artisan Collection

Stormy Seas


The aroma of jasmine and amber fills the air along with hints of melon, musk, lily and sandalwood creating a tense but exhilarating moment in time.