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We here at Shining Sol Candle Company are lifelong fans of music, especially those amazing Rock bands from the 70s and 80s. When we had the opportunity… actually, we sought after the opportunity to do something special that merged our love for music with our love for high quality soy candles.

We’re unbelievably proud to announce the result of combining these two passions of ours.

Introducing, Shining Sol’s first set of officially licensed, butt kicking, hard rocking retro inspired KISS Kandles! We started with where it all began, those amazing face paint designs that our Rock Icons have worn for decades. We married those character designs with our popular travel tin candles to create a pretty awesome, vintage, distressed design (Note: The black areas are meant to look “distressed” and aged as seen in the pictures below).

We’re such nuts about “doing things right,” we took it so far as to consult with some of the KISS band members themselves when working on our scent ideas in the Shining Sol lab! We hope you enjoy these awesome soy candles as much as we enjoyed creating them, because this is only the beginning…

Scent Descriptions:

The Starchild (Coconut/Beach)
The Demon (Cinnamon)
The Spaceman (Blueberry)
The Catman (Coconut Lime)

Last but not least, if you remember KISS from the 70s and 80s, you remember those retro commercials! Check out the Shining Sol retro KISS Kandle commercial!

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