One of the most highly requested scent types within the last 6 months have been, “something earthy” and “something masculine”. We thought for a long while what we could do to cover these categories, while still maintaining our Shining Sol spin on things. We think we’ve come up with a very fun and interesting solution – the Concrete to Country Collection! A little bit city, a little bit country. Bright lights, or starry nights!

Representing the city side of things are Last Call (refreshing mint mojito), Eclipse (alluring musk/cologne) and Embark (oakmoss, amber, a night on the town!). On the country side we have Skyline Drive (log cabin/lodge vibe), Northern Escape (a hike through the woods courtesy of oakmoss) and Rustic Charm (pipe tobacco with a bit of caramel). Together, city and country combined create a refined, sophisticated and fun take on earthy/masculine scents.

NEW! Concrete to Country Collection